© Phalaris Project 2013-2018 - Last updated July 6, 2018 December 4, 2018 I have updated the Grade 1 races and winners lists to include winners through November 30, 2018. Yes, Work is still underway on the renovation of my future library. July 8, 2017 Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few months - we have moved recently, and at present, the library is packed away. Before our move, I donated the non-racing books and magazines to the University of Arizona Equine Center. For the moment, this website still includes a reference to those items, but once I am able to unpack and take stock, I’ll be able to update that material. Don’t worry, there’s still thousands of books and magazines, and I’m hopeful that the 19x15 “game room” in our new house will accommodate them all! November 19, 2012 The Phalaris Project website (v3.0) is reborn! It contains some of the material that was available in the last website, which had been live since 2005 but not updated after a computer crash during our household’s recent move. Unfortunately, due to Windows 7 compatibility issues, I have had to update nearly everything I used to store and process data. I will be working to update some of the commentary and statistical snapshots that the old website had, and I hope to be able to bring back the interactive Notable trees. Made with MAGIX