© Phalaris Project 2013-2017 - Last updated July 8, 2017 The North American Stakes History project represents the blending and evolution of several older projects, notably databases containing all North American graded stakes events since such races were first graded in 1973, major stakes races from prior to 1973 and pedigree data from US classic starters and champions, as well as a database containing most data about races since Jan. 1, 1993. The ultimate goal is to identify major stakes races throughout the era of flat racing in North America and accumuate data about the races, starters and human connections of starters (primarily of winners). Due to recent work with pre-1960 chart books, this project is in a stage of expansion, in which additional stakes events have been added to the database. Prior to 1940, an effort has been made to add all runnings of all stakes events listed in the American Racing Manuals of these eras. At present, there is some sort of information on over 92,000 individual stakes events, representing over 500,000 individual starts by more than 235,000 individual starters. Among the specific plans for this database as it becomes more complete is the creation of tables showing results; and ratings of horses and individual races. I have planned for quite some time to create a retroactive system of “grading” stakes races prior to 1973 based on the quality and accomplishments of starters of each race, as well as an objective system of identifying divisional leaders based on points. Made with MAGIX