© Phalaris Project 2013-2017 - Last updated July 8, 2017 Daily Racing Form Chart Microfiche Virtually complete set of charts on microfiche from 1981 through 1997, after which point charts on microfiche were discontinued. Daily Racing Form Chart CD-ROMs Complete set of 1997 and 1998 CD-ROMs, and volume 1 of 1999. Classic Race Past Performances Day-of lifetime past performances for all starters in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont since 1949, with some past performances for the Kentucky Derby back to the 1920s. These past performances were collected from contemporary editions of the Daily Racing Form and supplemented, when necessary, to include all lifetime starts as of the day of the race. Past Performances of Retired US G1 Winners Complete lifetime past performances of all retired winners of any US Grade 1 event since the early 1990s; past performances containing partial information of US Grade 1 winners since 1976. Daily Racing Form Breeders' Cup Editions All Breeders' Cup Day Daily Racing Form editions since 1984, the first running of the event. Prior to 1992, they are in the form of bound 11x17 copies of all pages from the edition which include Breeders' Cup information.   Made with MAGIX