© Phalaris Project 2013-2017 - Last updated July 8, 2017 Presently, the Phalaris Project has at least one issue of over 100 different equine magazine titles, encompassing thoroughbred, Quarter horse and Standardbred racing; various riding disciplines including English, Western and dressage; endurance riding; Saddlebred showing; and general horse care. Thoroughbred Record and Thoroughbred Times Weekly magazine on thoroughbred racing. Almost 2,100 issues from 1968; most years complete. The Blood-Horse Weekly magazine on thoroughbred racing. More than 1,800 issues from 1953 to the present; nearly complete since 1986. Daily Racing Form Simulcast Weekly Weekly publication that includes racing charts for thoroughbred racing. More than 600 issues from 2001, largely complete. Hoof Beats Monthly publication of the US Trotting Association on standardbred racing. More than 400 issues from 1978 to the present, missing just one issue from 1984 onward. Pacemaker/Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder Pacemaker, formerly weekly, now monthly and just recently merged with Thoroughbred Owner and Breeder, magazine which has had a host of name changes over the last decade or so. British-based international racing magazine. More than 300 issues from 1989 to the present, virtually complete since 1993. California Thoroughbred and Thoroughbred of California Monthly publication of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association. More than 300 issues from the mid-1960s and from 1991 to the present, virtually complete. Complete Magazine List A specific list of the magazine titles, with links to detailed lists of all cataloged issues. Made with MAGIX