© Phalaris Project 2013-2017 - Last updated July 8, 2017 Generally speaking, Grade 1 stakes races and a roster of their winners includes the best races and best horses in training during a given period of time. As such, a spotlight will be placed upon both. The links on this page lead to lists that have been created from data on all starters in all North American Grade 1 stakes. At present, the lists consist of data from races of 1973, the first year that U.S. stakes races were graded, through June 30, 2017. The data can be viewed in two ways: lists of Grade 1-winning horses, along with a list of all of their Grade 1 starts, separated by letter of first name (Grade 1 Winners) or lists of all starters of Grade 1 races listed alphabetically by race, in order of finish position, separated by year of race (Grade 1 Races). Both types of lists refer to each other. You can click on the name of any stakes race in which a G1 winner took part to see the starters of that race; and for every race, you can click on the name of any starter who won a G1 race during this time span to see the horse's G1 stakes starts. Please keep in mind the inherent limitations of these lists. They only list North American Grade 1 winners and only list such winners from the specified period of time. Keep in mind that a horse without a link may be a Group 1 winner elsewhere or may be a North American Grade 1 winner subsequent to the currently available time period. Made with MAGIX