Footer Text: Lorem ipsum dolor The Phalaris Project The Phalaris Project was founded in 2000 by Paula Welch Prather, former Special Projects Editor of the Daily Racing Form, to be a helpful information source for racing fans. Over 11,000 books and periodicals, as well as other materials, have thus far been accumulated to provide a reference library for this effort. Although originally envisioned as a reference source for racing breeds, the holdings of the Phalaris Project library continue to expand and now include material on general horse care and other performance equine breeds. The Phalaris Project offers a variety of services, including research, data-related work, writing and editing. Simple questions will be answered on a complimentary basis. Please inquire about more in-depth requests.   The main purpose of the Phalaris Project is not just to acquire a library of data and text on horses and horse racing, but to make that material available to those who need it. To that end, questions and requests of reasonable scope are welcomed and every effort will be made to answer them. Available services include fact-checking; general research; data compilation and entry; writing; and editing. © Phalaris Project 2013-2017 - Last updated July 8, 2017 Made with MAGIX